Unfortunately, this business no longer exists. Please read on.

 It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce the closing of CuteBabyNameGifts.com.

Our incredibly talented artist, Kevin FauntLeRoy, tragically lost his life on Xmas Eve Day due to a carbon monoxide leak his Montana home. Thankfully, everyone else in the house were spared.

Since our company began, we've employed many artists. Kevin has not only been our main artist (having done nearly 60% of all orders) but has been the ONLY one for the past two years. The reason is he truly captured the essence of what we wanted - babyish, fun, meaningful gifts. Producing them came natural to him. Maybe it was because Kevin had a little Peter Pan in him.

On multiple occasions I would send checks to Kevin for his phenomenal work. Months would go by without the checks clearing. Every so often he would visit relatives in Fresno and when I asked him if he'd gotten the checks, the scenario was always the same. He'd take out his wallet and, sure enough, there were the checks. I'd shake my head, go to the ATM and get him cash. When I would ask him if he forgot they were in his wallet (it wasn't like he didn't need the money - he was the prototypical starving artist), he would simply say, "I really don't do them for the money.
I just like that my work makes people happy
(again, the prototypical artist).

What always would make his day, however, was when I'd copy him on the texts and emails I'd get from people who ordered or received gifts, expressing how much they loved his creations.
Very sad ending for an absolutely wonderful person.

RIP Kevin.

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